Does Acupuncture Hurt?

refined-massage-therapy-acupuncture-5Acupuncture should not be painful. Many patients, when they first experience acupuncture, remark on how painless it is. The insertion of the needles does sometimes produce some sensation, often described as a pinch, a pulling, a dull ache, perhaps a feeling of electricity or tingling. On occasion, once the needle has been inserted, patients have reported that they can feel Qi running up or down the body or a limb.

 The acupuncturist may manipulate the needles once they have been inserted to achieve better treatment results, and with this, you may experience a vague numbness, heaviness, tingling or a throbbing ache.

refined-massage-therapy-acupuncture-11Infrequently, when a needle is inserted, it may stimulate a little nerve ending or nick a small blood vessel. This may feel like you’ve been stung by a bee. This intense sensation should pass almost immediately and does not have any lasting sensation. However, if it does not, the practitioner will remove the needle and reinsert in such a way that the needling sensation is comfortable. These are all normal sensations when receiving treatment. Most of the time, you will not feel any sensation at all.

At no time should you have any sensation that is beyond your tolerance level. If this occurs, let your practitioner know right away.

Many patients report that they begin to feel a real sense of wellbeing, relaxation, euphoria, and clear-mindedness during and after acupuncture treatments.

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