Payment Options & Direct Billing

We accept Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Cash (Canadian Currency Only).

Direct Billing is available with the companies identified below.

*Please confirm with your insurance provider that your benefit plan does, in fact, allow direct billing for massage therapy and/or acupuncture services.*


  • Prior to booking, we strongly recommend contacting your insurance benefit provider to confirm the level of massage / acupuncture coverage your plan offers.  It is not the responsibility of your selected practitioner to know your coverage as all insurance plans are unique and have different stipulations.  (Blue cross does not offer direct billing for acupuncture services)
  • Furthermore, prior to booking, please review your selected practitioner’s website profile to view their direct billing / treatment claiming capabilities. 
  • Direct billing can only be completed for treatments that have already taken place.  We are unable to direct bill for future treatments, missed treatments, or treatments paid for by gift card.
  • Doctor’s Note: Some insurance plans require a doctor’s note to claim your massage / acupuncture treatments.  In most cases, it is required that this note be mailed to your insurance provider in advance.  This could take up to a few weeks.  Please contact your insurance provider if you are unsure as to what your policy requires.  **Refined Massage Practitioners will be unable to successfully submit a claim for your massage or acupuncture treatment if you have not yet submitted a doctor’s note.  In these circumstances, we ask kindly that you cover the cost of your treatments until a doctor’s note has been successfully submitted to insurance.
  • Student Massage Therapy Coverage: Student massage treatments are only covered by select insurance benefit providers, and benefit plans, that recognize 1100 hours of formal massage training.  Each individual plan is unique.  To confirm that your individual plan does cover student massage therapy, please contact your insurance provider directly.

Setting up your direct billing profile…

For your first visit at Refined Massage Therapy, please arrive 10-15 minutes early so that we can create your health history and direct billing profile. This will make the process seamless and will minimize any delays for future treatments.  Once we have your insurance information, we will be able to direct bill to your insurance company.  Please understand that every insurance plan is different, so there may or may not be a co-payment or a deductible.

*To ensure that the health history and direct billing setup time does not take away from your scheduled treatment time, please make sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

How direct billing works…

After providing us with your policy number/ID, we will submit your treatment claim through the online insurance portal. Ideally, the online portal will provide us with the exact amount that your benefit plan will pay; you will be required to cover the remaining portion of the visit that is not covered or confirmed by your insurance company, if anything.

If, for some reason, the insurance portal is down, you will be billed the full amount of the treatment and will be required to submit your claim manually to your insurance company.  Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee direct billing at every appointment.  Factors that could affect direct billing availability include: individual insurance plan attributes, problems with the submission portal, or clinic administration considerations.  PLEASE BRING AN ALTERNATE MEANS OF PAYMENT IN THE CASE THAT DIRECT BILLING IS UNAVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF YOUR TREATMENT.

Thank you in advance for your patience with the direct billing process.  Our intent is to provide a seamless and convenient process.

Direct billing sample treatment / payment…

If you have coverage for 85% of your $90.00 visit fee, you will pay $13.50.  Your insurance will ‘pay’ the remaining $76.50 directly to the clinic. Coverage amounts depend on your individual plan’s attributes and the online portal response.  There may also be a deductible that you have to pay before coverage begins.  Please check with your insurance company to minimize any unforeseen surprises.

Can Refined Massage Therapy practitioners check your insurance coverage or your remaining coverage?

Each online submission portal is designed for clinics to submit claims in real time; it is not designed to check statements, limits, policies, etc. It works very similar to a credit card terminal – it can collect the payment, but it cannot check the card balance.

Each insurance plan is unique to the member. Insurance companies can have many different plans. For example, we have seen plans that cover as little as 10% of the treatment cost up to 100% coverage.

If you want to check your coverage, remaining balance, deductible, or other benefits related policies, please contact your insurance provider directly.

Receipts for direct billing…

After a treatment is completed, your claim will be put through the insurance portal by your selected practitioner.  You will receive a receipt confirming the amount covered by your insurance plan, and a separate receipt confirming the amount you have paid ‘out-of-pocket’.  (Gift card transactions are NOT considered ‘out-of-pocket’.)  The ‘out-of-pocket’ receipt is important if you intend to have the amount reimbursed from an insurance provider manually or from a health spending account.

Refined practitioners are fully registered…

Refined Massage Therapists are fully registered, and are members in good standing, of one of the major massage associations (M.T.A.A., N.H.P.C., R.M.T.A., or C.R.M.T.A.).  Refined Acupuncturists are fully registered, and are members in good standing, of the C.A.A.A..

In unique circumstances, when a practitioner is just starting out at Refined Massage Therapy, or they are a student practitioner, their direct billing registration could be in its pending stages and they may not be able to provide direct billing services to all insurance companies.  Our intent is to make every effort to ensure that all of our newest members get set up promptly.  If your practitioner is not yet registered at the time of your treatment, we will ask that you pay for your treatment cost up front and submit to your company manually.  We will assist you in any way possible.

Please make yourself aware of your practitioner’s direct billing capabilities, prior to receiving your treatment, by reviewing their online profile…click here.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact clinic administration by phone (780) 459-1178 or by e-mail at  



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