Sierra Barendregt [RMT]

Sierra Barendregt – [Registered Massage Therapist]

Experience / Training:

Specialized Experience / Training:

  • Certified in RAPID Adhesion Release Technique – Lower Body.
  • Certified in RAPID Adhesion Release Technique – Upper Body.
  • Certified in RAPID Adhesion Release Technique – Core.
  • Certified in Advanced Techniques of the Low Back & Pelvis.
  • Certified in Infant Massage Treatment: Massage Therapy During The Childbearing Years (Continuing Education Series).
  • Certified in Breast Massage Treatment: Massage Therapy During The Childbearing Years (Continuing Education Series).

Association Membership:

Services / Treatments Offered:

  • Therapeutic / Deep Tissue Massage, Relaxation / Swedish Massage, Prenatal Massage, Youth Massage, RAPID Adhesion Release Technique, and Motor Vehicle Accident Treatments (MVA).

Modalities Utilized Within Treatments:

  • Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, RAPID Adhesion Release Technique, and Sports Massage.

Direct Billing & Insurance Claims:

  • Recognized by ALL insurance benefit companies.
  • **After each treatment has been completed, a written receipt will be provided for client submission for reimbursement.
  • Direct bills to ALL major insurance companies listed on our direct billing page.   (CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR DIRECT BILLING PAGE)

Language Fluency:

  • English

Direct Contact Info:

“Massage therapy has a great effect on the whole being of a person. Through therapeutic touch, most of our pain, stress, anxiety, and ailments can be alleviated.  Through specialized and individualized treatment plans, I strive to meet every individual’s needs.  No two clients are the same; each with their own stories, hardships, uplifting experiences, and journeys. 

My clinical practice focuses on the therapeutic needs of clients; creating a safe, personal, rejuvenating, and ‘refined’ environment. I truly believe that the complete massage experience stretches much further than the actual massage itself.  I take great care in ensuring that clients are equipped with the right tools needed to maintain optimal health, including home care, exercise, nutrition, and hydration!
Pre and post natal care has always been my greatest passion.  I look forward to building a trusting and comforting relationship when supporting women through their pregnancy. As a doula, I have been blessed to have assisted many women through labour and delivery. As there are many new experiences with pregnancy, post natal is accompanied by many beautiful changes. My presence during pregnancy is to ensure the greatest experience, to remove all distractions and worries, and to allow you to take pleasure in that new bundle of joy.
I look forward to being a part of your personal journey, and I am grateful for the opportunity to impact the wellbeing and health of you and your family.”       ~Sierra