Traditional Chinese Medicine is Holistic

refined-massage-therapy-acupuncture-1Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the human body as a whole, rather than separating it into a collection of symptoms and body parts. This means that no symptom of pain or illness is addressed (nor is it understood) without assessing how the entire person is doing.

All symptoms experienced by the patient, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, are part of one expression of illness: your specific expression of an illness. The theory behind this approach acknowledges that nobody experiences an illness the same way. Therefore, treating the whole person and his/her entire combination of symptoms, rather than ‘fixing’ a single symptom alone, creates a better opportunity for the whole body to heal.

In a holistic model of health, disease and disharmony take up residence in the body when any combination of physical, environmental, psychological and emotional stressors, disturb the normal function of organ systems. In most cases, these energetic disharmonies can all be addressed in one treatment plan.

refined-massage-therapy-acupuncture-7A part of Traditional Chinese Medicine is devoted to promoting wellness and longevity. Supporting the body’s ability to adapt and resist to various health challenges has broad benefits for the immune system, the nervous system and the endocrine system. Keeping the mind, body and heart strong and resilient so it can resist illness and disease is the most fundamental principle of Holistic health in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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