What Makes Us Unique?

We are a DUAL STREAM clinic, specializing in massage therapy and acupuncture…

  • We take much pride in marketing our business as a ‘dual stream clinic’, specializing in massage therapy and acupuncture treatments.  The complimentary relationship between these two modalities makes hosting them side-by-side a truly natural fit.  Our goal will always be to further optimize the clinic massage / acupuncture process, making you feel as if you are getting treated in the comfort of your own home!

Our clinic is newly renovated, with our treatment rooms featuring big, beautiful windows that overlook the Sturgeon River Valley…

  • refined-massage-therapy-annie-10When choosing a location for our clinic, there was no place better than a suite that overlooked the Sturgeon River Valley.  Residents of St. Albert, and many visitors, walk the paths that line both sides of the river.  The flowing water and lush vegetation result in an incredibly relaxing experience…we wanted to find some way to bring that ‘escape’ into our clinic.  If you find yourself walking the river paths near St. Albert’s downtown district, look up at the St. Albert Professional Building and you will surely see our sign in one of the 2nd floor windows.
  • Our newly renovated clinic features three luxurious treatment rooms, each boasting charcoal oak laminate flooring, subtle artwork, and offset lighting.  The goal of our modernization was not only to optimize the treatment space for both our clients and our practitioners, but also to recreate the atmosphere of a person’s home.  The rooms are incredibly comfortable and soothing, making it very easy to step away from life’s distractions.
  • *NOTE- Feel free to request that your practitioner leave the blinds open during your treatment.  They will open them only during the time that you are covered by the linens.  At the end of the treatment, before they leave the room, they will close the blinds for your privacy.  By default, practitioners will leave the blinds closed.  There is nothing like receiving a treatment with the bright sun shining in or rain drops hitting the window.

We are located in beautiful downtown St. Albert… (near many shops, walking paths, and cafes/restaurants)

  • Thomas-2There are many things you can do in St. Albert’s downtown district prior to, and after, your treatment.  If you are early for your appointment, take a stroll along the river, visit a few shops on Perron Street, stop in at the library for a good read, or visit the fountain near the Arden Theatre.  After your treatment, go for a meal at some of St. Albert’s finest restaurants or pop into the art gallery.
  • The downtown area is beautiful and peaceful.  Enjoy one of the most amazing locations in St. Albert.

Our massage / acupuncture appointments are scheduled 30 minutes apart…

  • Many spas and clinics space their appointments 15 minutes apart.  This means that a therapist has 15 minutes to complete their preceding client’s checkout and debriefing, reset their treatment room, possibly eat, use the washroom, and in some cases, start preparing their next client’s health history forms.  This turnaround is incredibly quick and poses many problems.
  • At Refined Massage Therapy, we have had much success with 30 minute spacings between clients.  This allows for adequate time to finish with a client, not rushing them out of the clinic to start with the next treatment.  As a client, your experience does not end at the completion of the actual massage or acupuncture treatment.  Your practitioner will want to talk to you about the treatment and how you feel at its conclusion.  Please take this chance to tell them if there are any elements you would like them to continue with, or change, for next time.  Regardless of your injury or condition severity, your practitioner will be able to provide you with advice and recommended exercises to help improve your health condition.  The extra time between treatments also gives your practitioner some leeway to make sure that you receive the full duration of your scheduled treatment.
  • Our highly skilled practitioners can only work to their highest potential when the system is set up to help them, not hinder them.

Our treatments are ‘by appointment only’…

  • By booking in advance, practitioners can be fully prepared for when you come in for your treatment.  Even if you are a new client, they will have all of the necessary paperwork ready so that you can proceed to your treatment.
  • At Refined Massage Therapy, we have many regular clients who come for treatments monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly.  Some of these clients will book regular scheduled appointments months in advance.  Appointment times book up quickly.  To ensure that you get a convenient treatment time, advanced booking is highly recommended.
  • Our office hours fluctuate based on when clients schedule their appointments.  If a practitioner is at the office, they will most likely be involved in a treatment.   If you get our office voicemail when you call, please do not hesitate to leave a message.  We will get back to you within 24 hours.  You can also e-mail us at info@refinedmassagetherapy.com.  Ultimately, the BEST way to schedule an appointment is to BOOK ONLINE.  Our online scheduling software will show you all available appointment times for each therapist.
  • *NOTE: For safety purposes, during treatments, the front office door will often be locked.  If the lights are on in the clinic, a practitioner is present, but is most likely involved in a treatment.  Don’t worry about being locked out at the time of your appointment.  If you arrive 10-15 mins prior to your scheduled treatment, your practitioner will be waiting for you and the door will be left open.
  • *NOTE: If you are looking for same day service, please call, and we will try our best to fit you in.

Your practitioner will be working with you from start to finish…Refined-Massage-Therapy-Reception-Wide

  • It just makes sense that the person who gave you your treatment can discuss follow-up appointments and put you through the check out process.
  • Our practitioners are well versed in direct billing, scheduling, and explaining our clinic’s policies.  They also have a genuine desire to get to know you.  The massage / acupuncture experience is far greater than just the physical treatment.  Your practitioner will work with you from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.

Choose your own tunes during the treatments…

  • Many of us are music enthusiasts and find certain artists relaxing and comforting.  Feel free to hook up your music device to our treatment room sound systems.  If you would like us to play a specific online radio playlist from 8tracks, Google Play, etc., please let us know.  We will do our best to make it happen.
  • The standard massage room sounds aren’t always appealing to everyone…you pick.

Refined Massage Therapy- St. Albert Clinic- Complimentary Beverage (Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Water)Complimentary beverages…

  • After a relaxing massage or acupuncture treatment, there is nothing like a hot cup of tea or a glass of naturally filtered alkaline water (Santevia filter).  We have a wide variety of tea flavours to choose from and plenty of to-go cups.
  • Please help yourself!

We are here for you…

  • Refined Massage Therapy was established with a dream of creating a clinic that could truly optimize the massage therapy and acupuncture processes, and bring out the best in massage and acupuncture treatments.  We will continue to ‘refine’ massage therapy and acupuncture processes, promoting simplicity, efficiency, and convenience.  Being ‘refined’, we strive to offer a clear and pure process.  With punctuality and client convenience as our main goals, we want you to be able to get away from life’s distractions and enjoy a time just for you.  We are here for you.
  • Thank you for considering us as your massage and acupuncture destination.
  • We would like to thank everyone who had a part in, and are still, making our dream a reality!


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